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This year's Annual Meeting will feature a banquet-style meal, with your choice of a main entree. You can reserve your space (with meal choice) by clicking here. Space is limited - please RSVP by April 25th!

IRS Warns of New Email Phishing Scheme
The Internal Revenue Service on Friday warned consumers to be on the lookout for a new email phishing scam. The emails appear to be from the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service and include a bogus case number.


The fake emails may include the following message: "Your reported 2013 income is flagged for review due to a document processing error. Your case has been forwarded to the Taxpayer Advocate Service for resolution assistance. To avoid delays processing your 2013 filing contact the Taxpayer Advocate Service for resolution assistance."


Recipients are instructed to click on links that lead to web pages that solicit personal information. The IRS, including the Taxpayer Advocate Service, does not initiate contact with taxpayers by email, texting, or any social media. 


Taxpayers who get these messages should not respond to the email or click on the links. Instead, they should forward the scam emails to the IRS at For more information, visit the IRS's Report Phishing web page.

Four Moves to Curb Your Car Insurance
You buy any kind of insurance to cover those costs you could not cover out of pocket. But there’s no need to pay more for it than necessary. Here are four ways to curb car coverage.

Comparison shop and pump discounts—It’s easy to let your current policy ride but you likely are missing better deals. Once a year shop your policy around and see if a different insurer offers the same coverage for lower premiums. Be sure to ask about and use any discounts you might be eligible for: safe driver, low mileage, good student/s, multiple cars, use of safety equipment like antilock brakes. And of course, it will cost less if you bundle car coverage with your homeowner policy, too.

Boost deductibles—Share some of the insurance burden by keeping a pot in your savings account to cover increased deductibles. This is a one-time expense versus a recurring expense as you make claims. And it underpins your general emergency fund at the same time.

Choose safe vehicles—Make safety features part of your buying decision when you buy a vehicle. It will protect you and yours and also contribute to a lower car insurance premium.

Park unneeded coverage—It makes no sense to pay for collision coverage on a vehicle too old to make it pay. One guideline: Drop it once the premium for collision coverage is one-tenth the car’s market value, which you can find from NADA ( or Edmund’s Automotive Buyer’s Guide (

Another way to save money on your vehicles is to finance for less here at the Community Credit Union of New Milford. Talk to one of our lenders for help valuing your current car to determine insurance coverage or to see what your options might be for a new car loan.

GAP insurance. What is it, do I need it and what does it cost?
Guaranteed Asset Protection (or GAP) insurance is a product that you typically hear dealer finance managers discuss when purchasing a new vehicle, and if you're not sure what it is or if you need it, you're not alone.

GAP is a special catastrophic insurance that covers any deficient balance that might arise should your vehicle be deemed a total loss and auto insurance doesn't pay the entire balance of your loan. Deficiencies from a total loss commonly occur within the first 24-26 months of auto financing and only if you put little or no money down on your new vehicle purchase.This is because auto values drop significantly early in the life of an auto - much faster than your loan balance.

Not everyone needs GAP insurance. If you plan on putting a significant sum down on your next auto purchase (10% or more), GAP likely isn't for you!

GAP insurance is sold with vehicle financing and typically costs between $500-$1,000 when purchased through a dealer. It can usually be added to the loan balance, but bear in mind that this will increase the cost, as you will also be paying finance charges on the amount added.

One of the ways we can help save you money on a new auto purchase is with our GAP insurance product. For only $199, you can rest assured that if your car is a total loss, we'll take care of the balance.


CU Checking - FREE with eStatement signup
Are you paying monthly maintenance or transaction fees on your checking account at another financial institution? Bring your checking to us and save. Our checking is free - including VISA debit cards! - with eStatement enrollment, and only $3.00/month with paper statement delivery.


Get into a credit union mortgage and save - now with Real Estate Services!
Are you looking to purchase a new home? Refinance an existing loan? First-time homebuyer? We have the tools to find the mortgage you need.  Through our partnership with Mortgage Markets CUSO, a credit union owned mortgage lender, we now offer you an extensive array of low rate mortgage options with the convenience of 24/7 access to online approvals and tools.

And that's not all! Mortgage Markets Real Estate Services (RES) can also help you find the home of your dreams or sell your existing property! In addition to a CU-certified Real Estate Agent, you'll receive your very own Member Advocate that works on your behalf to help you navigate the buying (or selling process). Best of all, you get a CASH BACK REBATE of agent commissions! For more information on RES, visit

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