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Introducing our new mobile app for debit cardholders - My Mobile Money

Available for download in iTunes and the Google Play Store
My Mobile Money gives you unprecedented control over your debit card:

  • Set card controls to restrict card usage based on location
  • Turn your card off to prevent unauthorized usage
  • Set spending limits to help you stay on budget
  • Configure transaction alerts to notify you of recent activity
  • View recent transaction history, including pending transactions
  • View real-time available balance information
Enrollment is free, and configuring the app is easy. Download it today!
My Mobile Money Quick Reference Guide (*.PDF)


Debit Card Upgrades! Sweeping changes to your CCUNM debit card are right around the corner! We're currently putting the final touches on our new cards, complete with exciting new tools that will provide you with the popular features you've been asking for, as well as a ton of exciting new technology to revolutionize the way you access your money. These changes begin to roll out at the end of February, with replacement cards going out in stages between now and summer.

A preview of some of the changes we'll be rolling out soon:

  • Chip-enabled technology to increase your protection against fraudulent transactions
  • The ability to select your own PIN
  • A nationwide network of surcharge-free ATMs to access your funds
  • A new mobile app that will give you unprecedented control over your card
  • The ability to participate in popular phone-based payment systems

We'll begin to feature these changes in detail as we roll them out, so be sure to check back soon!

CommunityWEB Upgrades! We are augmenting the login process for our CommunityWEB online banking system to incorporate multi-factor authentication. The purpose of this change is to reduce the risk of unauthorized account access. Rollover to the new system will begin on December 6th, and users will need to enroll in the new system when prompted.

WHAT DO I NEED TO DO? Users will be required to select a series of challenge questions such as:

  • What was the name of your high school?
  • What was the name of your first girlfriend/boyfriend?
  • What is your mother's middle name?

Provide an answer to each question selected. Users will also be given the option to register their computer, which will remember this secondary authentication information to streamline the login process. IMPORTANT: users should not register publicly-accesible computers/devices.

Functionality within CommunityWEB remains unchanged - these changes will only impact how you login to CommunityWEB in the future. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 860.210.0777.

Online Loan Application Now Available! It's never been easier to apply for a loan with your credit union. You can now use our secure online application to apply for most financing from home or on the go, 24/7! Completed applications are processed in as little as one business day!

Check out our new Billpayer! We made huge changes to our billpayer system to provide you with a more robust system with the features you've been asking for. Our new system gives you a variety of new options, such as optimization for use on mobile phones, person-to-person electronic payments, eBill integration, as well as providing you with a range of support features such as ability to track, expedite and stop payments, and access to a dedicated call center to assist you with your payment needs.

Not only have we added all these extra features, but we made the service FREE OF CHARGE! No more minimum balance requirements or monthly fees. Check it out today by clicking on the Billpayer link to the left. 

Get into a credit union mortgage and save - now with Real Estate Services!

Are you looking to purchase a new home? Refinance an existing loan? First-time homebuyer? We have the tools to find the mortgage you need.  Through our partnership with Mortgage Markets CUSO, a credit union owned mortgage lender, we now offer you an extensive array of low rate mortgage options with the convenience of 24/7 access to online approvals and tools.

Was your debit card lost or stolen? Report it 24/7 to (800) 264-5578.

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